Swift PHP Framework Features

The Swift PHP framework comes with a wide range of features to help you deploy your web projects faster. Although Swift PHP is quite minimal at it's core, it includes a diverse set of PHP 5 classes and objects allowing web developers to create feature-rich websites in a small amount of time. This library of classes allows you to add optimizations that are present in many of today's leading websites, such as: XML Sitemaps, RSS/ATOM feeds, XML-RPC pinging, Google API's and many more.

Browse below to learn more about the many features and advantages of using the Swift PHP framework.

  • Scalable

    Develop web applications both large and small.
  • URL Routing

    Map a specific URL or a URL pattern to a callback function.
  • Purely Object Oriented

    Designed to be purely object oriented using only PHP 5 classes and objects. Create reusable and well-formed code.
  • Secure File Structure

    Uses Apache .htaccess files to secure and protect file system.
  • User Input Validation

    Easily validate user input with the built-in SwiftValidator class.
  • Fast Web Caching

    Methods for reading and writing PHP output to a cache file.
  • PHP To JQuery

    Dynamically generate JQuery scripts from inside your PHP code.
  • Minify HTML and JavaScripts

    Minification and removal of unnecessary characters from output or files.
  • Easy-to-use AJAX

    Use the SwiftForm or SwiftJQuery class to create AJAX forms and scripts on the fly.
  • Simple Logging

    Easy logging methods for storing a timestamp and message.
  • Text To Image

    Use PHP to generate dynamic images, watermarks, or text to iamge.
  • HTML Form and Tag Builder

    The built-in SwiftHtml and SwiftForm classes allow you to dynamically generate HTML tags and forms.
  • RSS and Sitemap Maker

    Setup RSS feeds and XML Sitemaps that are compatible with major search engines.
  • Send XML-RPC Pings

    Send XML-RPS pings and updates to a wide-range of web services whenever you add or update content.
  • Support for Google API's

    Use the built-in classes for working with the different Google API's such as web, image, video, and book searching.
  • MySQL Database Management

    Manage multiple MySQL databases using the built-in Db class.